Hulp bij het aanschaffen motorpak heren & motorjack voor mannen!


Buying a motorcycle suit / motorcycle jacket for men What’s involved? –  A motorcycle suit at the local supermarket?

Driving a motorcycle is much more than just transporting yourself for many men. Driving a motorcycle is a lifestyle that you are proud of. A part of your lifestyle is how you dress on the bike. The motorcycle suit for men is therefore not just something you buy somewhere; it is part of your safety and your image on the road. You are therefore surprised to see if you suddenly see the branches at the local neighborhood supermarket when you do the weekly shopping. Curious you pull a pair of motorcycle pants and motorcycle jackets for men from the rack. You look at the colors and quality, and carefully adjust a motorcycle jacket. It may be that you just needed a motorcycle jacket, and that you can get exactly the right color and size from the rack.

What about the size?

Chances are that your old motorcycle suithas been going on for a number of years. It fits perfectly around your body, and the labels in it are worn out. You can not read the size anymore. What your size for a motorcycle suit is probably not out of your mind. With a motorcycle suit for men it is therefore important that you fit it first before you buy it. Whether you want to do that in a supermarket is of course yours. Many men prefer to fit a motorcycle suit into a specialty store with changing room. Do you go for a motorcycle suit what you buy in the supermarket, then it is important that you keep the receipt. Buy clothing in your own clothing size; chances are that the motorcycle suit is good. If it is too tight or too wide at your waist and the cross, it is better to buy a size larger or smaller. Which means,

How long do you want to do with a motorcycle suit?

A motorcycle suit and / or motorcycle jacketfor men is something you prefer to buy for a number of years. This is a good thing to remember when shopping for motorcycle clothing. After all, a motorcycle suit made of synthetic fiber can be cleaned, but this does not benefit the quality. Every time a motorcycle suit is cleaned, you will be rubbed along the fibers of your motorcycle suit. A motorcycle suit of synthetic fiber will therefore become faded and ugly faster than a leather motorcycle suit. A synthetic fiber suit is called a Cordura suit or a Keprotec suit. These are suits made with a certain wire thickness. That thickness is mentioned; usually the wire thickness is 700 or 500. A Kevlar protection in the suit provides an extra firm layer. This layer is only important when a well-woven suit is wrapped around it. You buy such a suit when you want to buy something for a low price; it does not get nicer over the years. A leather suit is a suit that becomes more beautiful as it gets older. Not only is it better to sit around your body; the material itself also becomes more beautiful when it gets older. Are you looking for a motorcycle suit, then – for more reasons than just the looks – it is important to look for a suit of leather.

Why a men’s leather jacket is good!

A motorcycle suit or leather motorcycle jacket has a number of advantages for you as a motorcyclist that we do not want to leave unmentioned. We already mentioned the appearance; this is a very important aspect, but that is of course not what you buy a motorcycle suit for . The material leather is the best material to protect you on the motorcycle. Not only against wind and weather, but also in the event of a crash. Although it is the intention that you do not slide under the motorcycle on the road surface, you will not be the first to happen during a motorcycle ride. When you fall with your motorcycleglide over the road surface. During that slide your motorcycle suit comes into contact with the road surface. You rub over the road surface and your motorcycle suit gets warm by this friction. A pack of synthetic fibers can easily overheat and still cause burns in you. A leather pack absorbs the friction so you can endure such an accident unscathed. A good leather motorcycle suit is of a somewhat thicker quality. We mean that the leather must be more than 1.2 millimeters thick. In addition, the leather motorcycle suit must be double-stitched across the board. Such a motorcycle suit or motorcycle jacket that tears at a fall will still provide you with no protection.

Never buy a suit without a fit

The biggest mistake you can make is that you buy a motorcycle suit that you think will suit you. If you then improperly hangs in the closet because the motorcycle season actually ended, you might just find out in the new motorcycle season that your motorcycle suit is too small or too big. That is a shame because you can not bring the suit back while you have to buy a new motorcycle suit. It is therefore better to buy a motorcycle suit from the specialist store. You can only go to buy a motorcycle suit but why not buy a motorcycle suit or motorcycle jacket with your motorcycle friends. Together you usually tour the country, so why not buy protective clothing for the motorcycle together. When you go to a store that combines a webshop with aphysical store you know for sure that the right size is right for you and that you can fit it in the store. In the winter season you hang your motorcycle clothes ready for when the weather becomes motor.